Camp Lakodia – The Meeting Place of Friends

When you book a reservation at Camp Lakodia, you are reaching even further than you may realize! By choosing Camp Lakodia, you are investing in the future of some of the most at-risk children in South Dakota–children in foster care. We welcome you as a friend of Camp Lakodia to help preserve the camp and its continued success as a natural sanctuary for South Dakota’s foster children and their families.


Camp Lakodia has a long history of service and the tradition continues. In 1941, Camp Lakodia was built as a Work Project Administration (WPA) on a 15-acre tract of land. As a rich part of South Dakota heritage, each of Camp Lakodia’s cabins and many of the other buildings were named for Native American tribes and bands that once lived in the vicinity. For over 60 years, Camp Lakodia was operated as a 4-H camp.

From 2002-2014, Camp Lakodia served as a camp facility for the hearing-impaired under the ownership of Communication Service for the Deaf.

In 2014, Fostering Hope, a South-Dakota based non-profit organization, purchased the Camp Lakodia property to provide camp and retreat opportunities for foster children, children of abuse and neglect and other children in need. To support this mission, Camp Lakodia continues to operate as a natural sanctuary and bring glory to God by serving a variety of people groups and organizations on their journey of discovery, purpose and renewal. Every guest at Camp Lakodia becomes a part of the mission of Fostering Hope and allows us to bring hope to the children who need it most.


The mission of Fostering Hope is to create life-changing moments through God’s love for South Dakota foster children and other children in need so they can believe, dream and discover new hope for their future. We will develop and promote faith-based opportunities including week-long camps, mentoring clubs and weekend retreats that will positively impact those we serve.




The beautiful facilities and successful operations of Camp Lakodia are due to the hard-work of part-time staff and volunteers who devote their unique gifts and abilities to serve our guests. From daily cleaning and serving our guests to seasonal work weekends and special projects, we take pride in the quality work of our staff.


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